About us

The Bozza family is the beating heart of the Roemer Group

We're a sporting family. We love the healthy competition in sport, the constant effort to achieve results, the satisfaction that fills both body and mind after the challenge. We apply the same philosophy we learned in sports to the way we work.

In the Roemer Group we play as a team, and we work towards a common goal. Our greatest achievement is customer satisfaction. We aim to make quality available to everyone, in our restaurants and our other facilities.

Roemer Group in figures

A success story in the restaurant, hospitality and leisure sectors.



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The Roemer World

Our company is a big family, and the strength of our people, our long tradition, and the innovation we apply to our business, all represent who we are.

Roemer Living

Luxury living & suites for splendid holidays in South Tyrol

Roemer Restaurants

10 restaurants between South Tyrol and Veneto serving the best of our Italian cuisine

Roemer Vida

2 event venues in South Tyrol, ideal for fun and relaxation